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Savoring Presence: Retreat at Mayacamas Ranch

How great would it be…

  • To feel confident in any eating situation?
  • To dramatically change the way you think about food and your body?
  • To really feel connected to and safe in your body?
  • To finally get what mindful eating really is?

It would probably feel fantastic.

Maybe right now, you are feeling disillusioned with the whole mindful eating and mind-body thing.

Maybe you’ve made some good progress down the mindfulness path, but suspect there is a missing piece.

Or maybe you are just starting out on this journey of self-acceptance and are looking for a kickstart.

And so we created:

Savoring Presence: Mindfulness Skills for Attuned Eating 

…premiering next spring at the breathtaking Mayacamas Ranch in Calistoga, California.

Spend the weekend with us in the ideal setting to luxuriate in your own affectionate awareness, learning the skills that will prime your body to be receptive to the gifts of mindfulness and self-compassion.

Course Curriculum

The program is designed to support the mind-body connection through both seated and physical mindfulness practices. The key to successful mindful eating and meditation is embodiment, which can be difficult for those with body aversion. You can make it as gentle or as direct as you decide it to be. We will be there with you at every step.

The Savoring Presence Threefold Path:

Savoring the Moment: Simple meditations and practices from the Mindful Self-Compassion curriculum tailored specifically to address critical thoughts about food and the body and distressing emotions.

Savoring the Breath: A mixture of gentle and more active yoga asana to facilitate a direct and positive experience with the body. No previous yoga experience is needed. The more connected you are to your body, the easier it is to eat mindfully, access your appetite cues, make intuitive food choices, and prevent emotion-driven eating.

Savoring Food: Guided mindful eating experiences while enjoying local, organic meals made right on the ranch just for us. This is where your new skills payoff!

When: Friday, March 31 – Sunday April 2, 2017

Where: Mayacamas Ranch, Calistoga, California

Tuition: Early bird price until December 31 is $300 (includes 12 hours of instruction in Mindful Self-Compassion, mindful eating, and yoga asana). After, tuition is $375.

Luxury accommodations and all meals: $378 – $738 (this place is so worth it!)

Extras: salt-water pool, jacuzzi, inspiring views, sundeck, organic garden, and grand fireplace all on site. Plan to check out local wineries or go for a hike on Sunday afternoon before the trip home!

Questions? Want more information? Enter your email address below for upcoming details! We are so excited to offer this special experience and hope you can join!